Demand More From Your Data

How can your enterprise harness the critical data your business and customers are generating, without a huge investment of time and money?

In today’s fast-paced, data-centric world, businesses are challenged to capitalize on the new kinds of data available to drive valuable insights about their business, improve operational efficiency, and discover smarter ways to engage with customers.

Empowering every employee with the right data to make the smartest decisions is key to a company’s success. So much data resides in cloud applications today, and it needs to connect securely with on-premises data located behind a company’s firewall.

Supercharge Your Self-Service Analytics with Connected Data

To address the data challenges, businesses are looking for fresh capabilities, such as:

Traditional analytics, designed primarily for on-premises data sources, don’t suffice and are often costly to scale. Many companies are looking to augment traditional analytics with cloud analytics that offer unlimited and flexible scaling, are designed for both cloud and on-premises use, and feature simple user interfaces that employees of all levels and in all roles can master.

Cloud analytics can be defined as implementing one or more of the three primary consituents of business analytics data integration, data warehousing, and business intelligence (BI) any or all of which are deployed in the cloud.