who we are


Who We Are?

We are a young company with strong loyalty for our client’s success. Our team consists of energetic, highly driven and motivated professionals working hard to ensure complete client satisfaction and quality deliverables. NeelBlue Technologies provides IT consulting and technical expertise to all its clients across the globe. We focus on CRM, Data Integration and BI (Informatica), Application Development (Java/Microsoft Technologies) helping our clients increase quality and efficiency of their IT operation while reducing price and risk in software development, deployment and support

Our Name: Why NeelBlue technologies?

While naming the company, one thing was constantly coming in our discussion that our company should be very loyal, transparent, devoted and faithful to all our clients’ project success, Basically “True Blue” partner of our client digital success drive!

Our company solution offerings on Salesforce.com/Informatica and other Cloud Platforms reminded our team the color “Blue” several times(basically color Blue was becoming very significant topic of our discussion)

Color Blue means Neel in the Sanskrit language and when we combined both words, our company name was originated “NeelBlue” which also means one God that protects the universe from all evils. Pretty interesting! And we all agreed on this amazing name for our company”NeelBlue Technologies” that aspires to serve clients across the globe in all geographies.

What Do We Offer?

We’re committed to delivering a technology value proposition that positively impacts our customer and to helping you sustain your front office technology investments. Simply stated, our clients get the highest quality of services, at the most affordable price, where risk is continuously assessed and mitigated

We offer our clients experience, expertise, and innovation with offices in the Orange County California and Hyderabad, India

We are your partner in addressing the unique challenges faced by both your business/IT operation. Our list of services can help our clients with:

  • Salesforce.com consulting solutions
  • Informatica Platform consulting solutions
  • Application Development consulting solutions

And we are not done. We are constantly looking to add the latest technologies that will benefit our clients and help them with winning solutions to challenging problems.

Talk to us about how our consulting services can provide effective solutions for your enterprise.

2081 Business Center Dr. # 250 Irvine, CA 92612