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Neelblue is providing AI solution using Google “Vision API” and “AutoML’s technologies, we build vision models to annotate our products to determine various business needs.”

Now is the time to implement the power of Artificial Intelligence, Make smarter predictions, Modernize your organization with AI

Neelblue Classify images and videos automatically or deliver recommendations based on user data, Using Google Cloud AI Solutions, Azure, Tensorflow to drive insights and improve customer experience. 

Industry Use Cases

Create an intuitive customer experience : AI can create fresh data that will help in personalizing customer experiences In the process of handling queries and complaints, huge database of buying patterns and preferences can be accumulated and used to offer personalized customer experiences

Security Services : AI Protects Assets Protecting assets is an increasingly challenging proposition. AI, including machine learning and deep learning, is helping reshape security in a number of ways.

AI algorithms move protection beyond increasingly ineffective whitelists, blacklists and firewalls by detecting unusual activity and patterns.

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