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about us

About Us

NeelBlue Technologies provides IT consulting and technical expertise to all its clients across the globe. We focus on CRM, Data Integration and BI (Informatica), Application Development (Java/Microsoft Technologies) helping our clients increase quality and efficiency of their IT operation while reducing price and risk in software development, deployment and support.


Our Values

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Commitment to Client Success
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Relentless Quest to Continually Improve
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Respect for the Individual
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Achievement through Teamwork

Our Clients

Our clients, leaders in their industries, are transforming their businesses with the use of cutting edge technology. At Neelblue, we are committed to championing, promoting and advancing our clients’ endeavors.


Using our efficient global delivery Model, Neelblue technologies has the capabilities to implement the most optimized solution for your organizational needs.We are at the front of industry best practices, ensuring your customized solution will propel your business forward as you grow over time. We can also augment your application support abilities, ensuring application health and availability. These are vital in providing the information needed for your company to make the critical decisions at the most opportune moment.

Talk to us about how our consulting services can provide effective solutions for your enterprise.

2081 Business Center Dr. # 250 Irvine, CA 92612